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Kalle Hoffman's Sauna Page
Kalle Hoffman building a sauna.
My Sauna Building FAQ

Being Finnish and having visited Finland twice I have grown addicted to saunas. And when I say sauna I mean a traditional Finnish Sauna. This means lots of water, a very high temperature (80-100 Celsius) and an unlimited amount of Löyly! With this addiction to saunas I have set out to answer my calling to build as many saunas for people to enjoy as I can.

My first sauna was a side-effect of moving out of my place at 109 Madeline Lane, Aptos. The landlord was going to build a duplex. So when I moved to Seabright Avenue in Santa Cruz, I recycled the wood from my studio and my neighbor's, Michael Brazell, place to make my first sauna. I made the stove out of two hot water heaters.

My second sauna is being built at my friend Scott's house in Santa Cruz. Actually Scott rents a room from David . We currently have the foundation poured (10'x12') and are looking for the wood to build the structure.

My third sauna only exists on paper and in my imagination. I was going to build it in the last six feet of a school bus. I have had the idea of building a mobile sauna since my trip to the Green River Valley in Wyoming in the SUMMER OF '94. I'm looking forward to snowboarding next season with a hot sauna every evening.

My fourth sauna also exists only in my imagination. I'm building it on top of a 54 foot silo in Colida, Illinois, at Chris Stanley's Farm (Peace Garden).

My fifth sauna is built at my house in Santa Cruz. I built it in the winter of `94 for a New Year's Party. I learned a few things from my first sauna and incorporated those ideas into this fifth one. Some of the improvements were:

  • Redwood tongue and grove construction
  • Bolts in the foundation
  • Five inch curbs that hold the walls up away from the floor
  • Sloped drainage
  • Prefabricated walls.

I just started working on my sixth sauna which will be built in the Santa Cruz Mountians next to a creek.

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